Azelaic Acid Serum: Perfect ForAcne-Prone Skin

You might be hearing about azelaic acid serum for the first time. This Azelaic acid is mainly available in multiple grains. Some examples are wheat, barley, and rye. This form of acid is known for its anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties. So, that helps this acid to be pretty effective in treating multiple skin conditions like rosacea and acne.

The main goal of this Azelaic acid is to prevent any form of future outbreaks and clean the bacteria from within the pores, which might otherwise cause acne. Use this serum to your skin easily. Not just in serum form, but you can even get it in foam, gel, and other cream bases as well. 

These beauty or skincare products will mostly have 15% Azelaic acid content, if not more. Then you have other OTC items, which will have less amount of this acid within them.

Well, to be honest, Azelaic acid takes some time to work on your skin. So, it is not a dermatologist’s first choice. In some cases, this acid will have some side effects like peeling, dryness, or even skin burning. Just make sure to learn if this acid is meant for your skin before you plan on using it. For that, a dermatologist consultation is important.

Working on acne issues:

Dermatologists would often recommend using Azelaic acid on acne-prone skin. Now, how does this acid work? Let’s find out together. This acid will clear out the pores of bacteria, which might cause breakouts or irritations.

It further helps in reducing inflammation, which will make acne less visible, less irritated, and red. It will further help in encouraging cell turnover gently to help your skin heal up faster and minimize the scarring effect on it.

How to use Azelaic acid products?

Now, you have the opportunity to use this acid in so many forms. All of them have some basic instructions to follow. Right from its gel, serum, foam, and other cream versions, you can try out whichever suits you the most. But learning the basic instructions is important if you don’t want to mess things up.

Make sure to first wash the affected spot with warm water thoroughly. Later, pat it dry.

Now, use mild soap or a cleanser to clean up the acne-prone area well. Make sure to lather up to clean from its core.

Use soap to clean your hands well before applying the medication.

Now you need to apply smaller medication right on the affected areas. Make sure to rub it gently and then give some time to dry it completely.

Whenever you have dried the medicine completely, it is time for you to apply some cosmetics. 

You don’t have to bandage or cover your skin anymore!

But, while you are on your Azelaic acid use, make sure to avoid any deep cleansing cleaners or astringents. If your acne problem is out of control, you might have to use the serum twice daily. But wait for the doctor’s instructions first before you can start working your way with the serum. The doctor will first examine your skin’s condition ad will determine the right use of Azelaic acid serum accordingly.

Ways to treat acne scars:

Due to active outbreaks, some of you might be suffering from unwanted acne scars. Well, doctors will recommend using Azelaic acid to treat the scarring from within and fainting out the marks to a certain extent. As it helps in cell turnover, it will reduce the severe look of the scars.

It can further prevent what is actually known as melanin synthesis. 

Now, the skin’s ability to produce pigments will vary depending on the skin’s current tone.

If you have already tried other topical medicines to help with the blemishes or scarring, and those have been proven to be slow to heal, then Azelaic acid is your answer.

For better use, make sure to go through some thorough research first. It will help you to understand how this serum actually works on your skin and how effective it might be. A thorough doctor’s examination is a must if you want to learn more about the acid serum before using the same on your skin. 

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