Canada Study Visa: A Complete Guide on Visa Rejections and Solutions

If you are planning to study abroad and do not want to confront visa rejection. Then it is quite obvious to take the entire visa application process seriously. A minor mistake can reject the visa. Getting admission to a Canadian institution or college is a significant accomplishment for a foreign student. But first, you have to apply for a study permit before you can move to Canada and pack your bags. Canada welcomes international students because their higher tuition fees help finance domestic education costs and because they enhance the potential workforce of the nation.

Furthermore, 329,213 study permits were granted by Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) in 2021, and 60% of all student visa applications were granted. By comparison, in the first quarter of 2022, the approval rate for study permits dropped to 55%. Well, this article explores the typical reasons for Canadian student visa denial and how you might prevent them if you want to apply for a study permit in Canada.

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 List of Major Reasons for Study Visa Rejection

The first and foremost step to avoiding student visa rejection is to comprehend the requirements of IRCC for study permit applications and the reasons for rejection. The most common reasons for visa rejection are:

  • Low Language Test Score
  • Not Having a DLI-approved Letter of Acceptance
  • Unclear Purpose Of Visit
  • Lack Of Financial Security
  • Irrelevant Course Of Study

Low Language Test Score


Having a sufficient band score on the English language test (IELTS or PTE) is essential to secure your study visa. However, many students take the risk of applying for a visa application even with poor scores. As a result, they have to confront the visa rejection.

Not Having a DLI-approved Letter of Acceptance

You can easily qualify for a study visa once you get admission to a Canadian Designated Learning Institution (DLI).  A DLI is nothing but a university or college that allows international students to study in Canada. Moreover, your college or university will send you a Letter of Acceptance(LOA) when you get admission securely. You have to attach your LOA with your visa application. You will face visa rejection if you file your application without a letter of acceptance.

Unclear Purpose Of Visit

The visa officer will deny your application if they do not believe that your intention to study in Canada is sincere. Moreover, this may occur if your application is missing a statement of purpose that explains your motivation for studying in Canada and how this specific program will advance your professional objectives. In this situation, the visa officer might believe that you are planning to work illegally in Canada rather than being a true student.

Lack Of Financial Security

It is essential to provide proof of funds along with your visa application,  to cover the cost of your studies in Canada. Moreover, if you fail to meet this condition, such as documentation depicting that you will pay your tuition fees. Also, being unable to pay the cost of housing during your studies, leads to visa rejection. In addition, you have to provide evidence from where you are arranging funds for instance, from a savings account, a bank loan a scholarship, etc. If you are applying for a study visa through SDS, then you should purchase a GIC of $10,000.

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Irrelevant Course Of Study

The study program you select will determine a great deal about the acceptance or rejection of your study visa application. The visa officer might not be persuaded that your main reason for coming to Canada is education if your study program doesn’t match your intended job path, prior schooling, or recent work experience. If your study program isn’t a natural progression from your previous coursework, be sure to include a clear explanation in your statement of purpose as to why you’ve chosen it and how it will further your career.

Tips to Approve Study Visa

  • Join the best coaching institute for preparation of the language test and acquire the required band scores.
  • Make sure your Letter of acceptance is DLI-approved
  • Mention the clear cur purpose of your visit in your SOP.
  • Save enough funds for the whole process.
  • Be careful when it comes to selecting the course of study, it should be related to your previous studies.

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Wrapping Up

On the whole, the above content will enlighten your knowledge on the mistakes during the visa application process. Also, assist you by providing resolutions, so that you can easily get your study visa for Canada.

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