The Actual Cause Of Depression Among International Students 

Cause of Depression

Cause Of Depression

The exposure to a new culture and challenges often develops nostalgia among international students. They miss the support of their loved ones when they go through the toughest challenge of their lives abroad. The support of loved ones makes your life quite easy. But international students have to make efforts to manage everything on their own and this makes things quite tough for them.

Along with that, some additional reasons also toughen their lifestyle, pushing them into the trap of depression. So many organizations are formed abroad to provide the necessary assistance to international students. Still, the depression level among international students is rising day by day.

The article will throw light on the top reasons that toughen the lifestyle of international students and lead them to severe depression. If you are researching the main cause of depression among international students then, you must read this article.

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The actual cause of depression among international students:

Read the following pointers to have a profound illustration of the actual causes behind the depression that is devouring the happiness of international students.

No Family Time

Differences that international students feel between themselves and their loved ones often develop nostalgia among them. But differences can be reduced by sparing some time to have a profound conversation with your loved ones. WhatsApp has done wonders in helping people connect with their loved ones across the globe. No matter how rigorous your daily schedule is, get some time to listen to your loved ones and share your problems with them.

Having some family time daily will help you reduce heaviness in youtube heart and also, giving priority to your family members will make things easy for you. Learn to leave your exhaustion behind and connect with your loved ones happily.

A New Culture

The way we eat with our loved ones, the television shows, and the surroundings, all are going to receive a major change when you travel abroad. Everything is going to be quite different and for sure, it could be different from the lifestyle that you have imagined in your mind. Thus, adjusting yourself to a brand new culture is going to be very strenuous, especially during the initial days.

Financial Stress

International students have to get help from loan schemes to transform their dream of studying abroad into reality. They have to work hard to pay them back on time. The thoughts of loan and debt hover over their mind till don’t set themselves free from them. Also, they have to cut their prodigalities and budget to manage their survival and pay the loan back. This is one of the core reasons that cause chronic depression among international students. Therefore, students engage in a rigorous schedule to manage their survival and finances to pay off the debt.

Language Barriers

It is not that discrimination is quite prevalent abroad. In fact, when you will travel abroad, you will come to know the reality. There is no discrimination as in the case of some countries. In fact, you get a job on the basis of your skills that can be polished by working in the right direction. However, your language proficiency is taken into account when giving you a job as they want you to deal with the customers in their own language. A lack of English proficiency and the compulsion to speak in the language sometimes make things tough for the students.


Depression among international students is quite a serious topic that has alarmed the experts abroad. They are organizing events to spread awareness among students to take necessary precautions to avoid depression. The student support system at the campus is also taking the necessary measures to provide the necessary counseling to students struggling with depression.

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