Importance Of English Books In Student’s Life

Importance Of English Books In Student’s Life

No language can match the value of your mother tongue ever but remember there is nothing bad in learning any other language. Learning languages is an incredible way to interact with the tradition of a specific region as well. The best part of learning languages is that it also develops a positive mindset. There are some incredible languages to learn in the world such as Hindi, German, English, French, etc. Well, if you have an interest in learning English then, this article will provide significant help to you.

We all know that books are the best friends who always tell you something new if you read them carefully. There are a variety of English books that can help you gain strong proficiency in English. Such as novels, dictionaries, grammar books, audiobooks, etc. You can learn American English through VOA learning English. This application helps you a lot while learning English.

Before we move on let us tell you the significance of English language. The English language, in India, has become a common language used in professional life to interact with each other. While applying for a job in MNCs, you will be requested to speak in English other you will be disqualified from the round. Therefore, those seeking jobs in MNCs must polish their English skills.

To your knowledge, if you are interested in grabbing a job in the public sector, you must also seek a basic understanding of the language as there will be a section that will check your knowledge pertaining to the English language. Along with that, English is mandatory for those who are planning to study or work in English-speaking countries.

Yes, English books can also help international students or those planning to go abroad in learning English in an incredible way. This article will elaborate on the benefits that English books can offer to students or international students in polishing their English language skills.

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Let’s explore the benefits of English books that students can utilize to gain proficiency in the English language:

Reading Skills

In your professional life or college life, you will see various forms printed in the English language. Such as notices, admission forms, etc. You must read them thoroughly and comprehend the instructions written on them correctly. This is only possible when you have profound reading skills. Reading English books such as novels and short stories will help you polish your reading skills.

English Grammar

You can’t expect to gain proficiency in English if you haven’t referred to an authentic English grammar book. You must keep track of all the rules and a book will help you with that. No doubt, Youtube tutorials of VOA learning English will help you a lot but you will need a reference to an authentic English book to learn the rules profoundly.

English Vocabulary and Sentence Pattern

Books are the finest source to interact with new English words and sentence patterns. No doubt, sentence pattern is part of English grammar. But learning new words will also help you in understanding the English sentence patterns. While you learn new words, it is mandatory for you to take a deep insight into the examples to learn their proper meanings. Therefore, read books and learn new words along with their examples to improve your vocabulary and sentence formation.


Reading short folk stories and novels is the finest way to interact with the famous rules and traditions of a specific region. Try reading the books of foreign authors and interact with the traditions of a new region. Therefore, reading English books such as novels also improves your general awareness.

Below we have listed some applications that could be beneficial for you while learning English :

British Council Learn English

British Council Learn English is the right destination where topics are designed as per your requirement and 24*7 Live classes are available. You can customise your timetable and choose classes based on your availability. Also, you can choose your level of learning from beginner to advanced. Also 7-day free trial is also available. So kickstart your English skill improvement journey at British Council Learn English. The monthly subscription plans are divided into 3 categories which are silver, gold and platinum. The price of silver, gold and platinum are ₹7319,₹10900 and ₹13900. The silver plan is incorporated with 5, gold 10 and platinum 15 class credits.

Join online lessons with students from all over the world for live speaking, listening, and reading practice with a British Council instructor. We encourage you to engage with the materials, your teacher, and your classmates. The teacher will repeat the lesson, present all of the learning materials, and ensure that everyone has understood it by the conclusion of the class.

Learning English Inatec

You can learn and improve your English through Learning English Inatec. Here you can explore complete lessons with different activities. These lessons are diving based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). With this platform, you can improve your reading, writing listening and speaking. Also, you can enhance your grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation through this platform.You can download LearningEnglish Inatec App Mob.

VOA Learning English

Another well-known website that offers materials for English learners is VOA Learning English. It is a branch of Voice of America (VOA), an international multimedia broadcasting service supported by the American government. These are some of the main characteristics of VOA Learning English:

VOA Learning English Website

The VOA Learning English website provides a variety of resources, such as news stories, videos, audio recordings, vocabulary lessons, explanations of grammar, and quizzes. With an emphasis on simple and understandable language, the content is specifically created for English language learners.

Special English Programs

VOA Learning English creates specific language-learning programs such as “Learning English TV,” “Let’s Learn English,” and “American Stories.” These programs use entertaining stories, dialogues, and language exercises to help students develop their listening and comprehension skills.

News and Current Affairs

VOA Learning English presents news and current events in simplified language, making it easier for students to follow along. To strengthen listening skills, audio recordings accompany the news articles. Politics, culture, science, and other topics are all included in the content.

VOA Learning English YouTube Channel

VOA Learning English offers an active YouTube channel with videos on a variety of topics. Subtitles are frequently included in the videos, making it easy to follow along. Vocabulary lessons, pronunciation suggestions, interviews, and news broadcasts are all available on the channel.

VOA Learning English Facebook and Twitter

VOA Learning English has a social media presence on platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, where they post learning tools, articles, and updates. Following their social media profiles can give you additional study materials as well as an opportunity to interact with other students.

VOA Learning English is an excellent resource for English learners, especially those interested in news and current events. It provides a variety of content and tools to assist you in improving your English language skills, such as listening, reading, vocabulary, and pronunciation.

BBC English Learning

If you want to learn English, the BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) will help you get a better command of the language. Here are some of the ways and places you can learn English from the BBC:

BBC Learning English Website

For students of all levels, the BBC Learning English website offers a wide range of tools. There are interactive exercises, grammar lessons, quizzes, audio content, and much more available. The website is a complete resource for English learners because it addresses a variety of subjects and language abilities.

BBC Learning English App

There are iOS and Android versions of the BBC Learning English app. It provides a variety of classes, tests, and audio content to help you improve your English. The app is made to be convenient for learning on the go and user-friendly.

BBC Learning English YouTube Channel

There are a variety of videos on the BBC Learning English YouTube channel that address various facets of the English language. You can find listening practice exercises, vocabulary tutorials, pronunciation advice, and grammar explanations. The videos’ attractive presentation makes it simpler to understand language ideas.

BBC News

It can be beneficial to listen to BBC News programs to develop your listening and comprehension abilities. The newscasters frequently speak in formal British English, exposing you to a variety of dialects and vocabulary. BBC News is available online and through a mobile app.

BBC Podcasts

There are many different podcasts available from the BBC on various subjects, which can be a fantastic method to improve listening comprehension. The BBC offers several noteworthy podcasts for language learners, including “6 Minute English,” “The English We Speak,” and “Words in the News.”

BBC iPlayer Radio

You can listen to live radio stations and catch up on BBC radio programs with BBC iPlayer Radio. You can expose yourself to diverse accents and develop your listening abilities by investigating numerous programs.

Though the BBC provides many helpful resources, keep in mind that you should also practice interacting with native English speakers, take part in conversation groups, and use other resources to support your learning process.


Well, nowadays, there are some audiobooks that you can utilize to gain proficiency in listening to English as well. Access these books and get introduced to new rules in a spoken form. So, these are the benefits of English books that candidates can utilize to level up their proficiency in the English language. Make sure to spare adequate time to analyze the grammar rules used in the English sentences printed in the books.

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