The Information About The DS-160 Form

The Information About The DS-160 Form

For acquiring a  U.S. nonimmigrant visa, one has to get aware of the significance of the profound details of the DS-160 form. Well, you must have heard about this form, if you have a prolonged dream to visit the U.S. Those who have a strong determination to go to the U.S. must get familiar with the proper details of this form in order to fill it with the utmost accuracy. The DS-160 form plays a very significant role in introducing your details to the visa-granting authorities.

As you know that many Indian youngsters always stay interested in pursuing higher education from eminent universities in the U.S. But the U.S. visa-granting authorities have tried to curb visa applications by various measures. Hence, you will come to notice some significant additions to this form in the form of new questions. The basic purpose of this article is to give you a profound understanding of all that you will see in the DS-160 form.

It is imperative to know the details of the DS-160 form in advance in order to avoid possible mistakes that can turn out to be disastrous. Thus, the article will also illustrate the key facts about the form and instructions on filling it out correctly.

You will be able to take a deep insight into the questions that you will receive to answer in the DS-160 form through this article. Thus, this article is going to play a very vital role in the life of all the people who are yearning to travel to the U.S. If you are among them, then, read this article to fill out the DS-160 form correctly.

Let’s learn the following details of the DS-160 form:

The pointers mentioned below will help you know the profound details of the DS-160 form thoroughly.

The Basic Questions

Along with your basic details, there will be some questions pertaining to other telephone numbers and email addresses that the applicant has used for the past five years. Also, some questions will also inquire about your social media sites, age, sex, marital status, citizenship, the purpose of travel, and visa category. In addition to these questions, you will also see some questions about your stay in the U.S. and your education. Along with that, you will also see some basic questions as well. While you fill in these details, make sure to be cautious and read them at least thrice to avoid mistakes.

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The Process

To access the authentic DS-160 form, you have to browse the official website of the U.S. Department of State (DOS). You will see an option that will state “start an application” to start the application. After this, fill out the details cautiously and review them carefully. The next step is to read all the instructions pertaining to filling out the photograph and upload it accordingly. Then, after submitting the form, you will receive a confirmation page on the site and through e-mail as well. This will have the confirmation number. Save this confirmation page and number as you will need them in your further processing.

Making Changes

Once you have clicked the confirm the submission of the page. Then, note that nothing will allow you to make any changes. To make any changes, you have to initiate the entire process of filling out the form all over again. You can make any changes only if you have yet to click the confirm the submission of the page. Hence, we advise you to review all the details cautiously before you confirm the submission of the page. Link with the experienced Canada visa consultant to receive the most promising guidance for your Canada visa application process.


It is always wise to have a profound introduction to the steps in advance in order to avoid possible mistakes. We hope that you have read the article to get aware of the importance of the DS-160 form thoroughly. Along with that, don’t hesitate to watch the YouTube tutorials to get profound information on filling out the DS-160 form.

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