How To Start Learning English To Receive A Study Visa? 

Start Learning English

Are you in your academics and have plans to study in an English-speaking country? If yes, then you might be well aware of the significance of English proficiency in that case. English is important for youngsters who have plans to study abroad. Well, the visa-granting authorities need certain proof to ensure that you will not have trouble communicating with the people as communication is necessary to adjust to the lifestyle.

The content in this article will focus on making you familiar with the English learning process in order to help you receive a visa quickly and adjust to the lifestyle prevalent abroad. Get ready with us to explore the importance of English in the visa application process and sharpen your English language skills to help you acquire your purpose.

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Start learning English to receive a study visa:

Read the following content to learn the importance of English in the visa application process and a few quick ways to acquire English proficiency.

The Importance of English

As we have already told you you will need English proficiency proof to demonstrate to the authorities about your English proficiency in order to make them ensure that you can manage to complete your education abroad.

To acquire that proof, you have to go ahead with an authentic English proficiency test that is recognized by the country where you want to pursue higher education. The IELTS exam, PTE exam, TOEFL, etc. are a few examples of English proficiency tests with huge recognition.

Only after submitting your scores in one of the authentic English tests, you will be able to execute the visa application process successfully. It is to be noted that many candidates often use fake scores to receive the visa which is not good as the authorities are very quick in identifying the fake proof.

Choose The Best Test

As we have already given you a basic acquaintance with a few English proficiency assessment tests, you have to opt for the one that has a wonderful structure. Tests such as PTE, IELTS, and TOEFL have different structures but bear in mind that they all are going to follow high standards to test your English proficiency to the core.

Hence, it is advisable to give a cursory reading of the sample papers of these tests to understand the structure of the exam and most importantly- the question types.

Start The English Learning Process

Note that you have to polish your English proficiency in all skills: reading, writing, speaking, and listening. We often ignore listening and speaking skills but these are going to play a huge role in making you eligible for a study visa.

  • Firstly, improve your knowledge of the word order and then, the gerunds and infinitives. Once you have acquired proficiency in these rules with the help of the YouTube tutorials, you can go ahead with the tenses.
  • Also, watch movies, read novels- a very important part of the English learning process, and then, try to speak in English in front of the mirror for some time. This can promote your English proficiency to an extensive level.
  • Read an article from the newspaper and also, practice rewriting the article if you are willing to polish your writing skills.
  • Also, don’t forget to stick to a routine of learning three words daily and explore the examples pertaining to the words to understand the accurate application of the words in a sentence.
  • For an expertise at extreme level, opt for the book “Oxford Guide to English Grammar” and “Oxford Dictionary”.

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Bear in mind that your college studies also hold a huge importance and don’t compromise them at any cost. In addition to that, make sure to enjoy the process of learning English by opting for the practical ways.

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