Top Three Best Cities In USA For International Students


Even though none of its cities quite cracked the top 10 in the most recent QS Best Student Cities index. However, The United States still has some stunning cities to cater to the humongous student population. The nation has outstanding infrastructure and is home to prestigious universities and locations. The greatest US cities for students typically perform well in metrics related to institution rankings and employer activity. But these are quite expensive. It requires a sufficient amount of funds when it comes to affordability. Apart from this, hundreds of students migrate to the USA each year, despite the prices being somewhat expensive.

This article will shed some light on the top three best cities in the USA that are on the top rank in terms of education and other facilities. If the USA is your dream country and you want to pursue your higher education over there. Then you have to contact the USA study visa consultants. This platform will assist you with professional guidance.

Have a look at the top three cities of USA in the tern of education and luxurious facilities 



You cannot find a better city than Boston if you want to surround by the brightest students and scholars in the world. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Harvard University, which places rank high in education facilities. Both universities are located in Boston. In 2015-2016 both universities ranked first and second globally in the QS World University Rankings. Moreover, five other universities in Boston are at the top of the ranks list. Boston was at12th position in a well-known assessment of the top student cities. In terms of employment, this city is very active.  Boston has also been able to establish a distinctive company in the world of arts and culture. Now, Boston isn’t just about academic performance and studies. The nation is famous for its vibrant social scene as well. The city is home to several incredible bars, pubs, and outstanding stadiums that will keep the students happy and entertained.

Boston Weather

Boston’s weather is subjective and depends on individual preferences. It has four distinct seasons: warm summers, cool autumns, cold winters with snow, and mild springs. Some people appreciate the change of seasons and enjoy the weather, but others do not. Here are some factors to determine that Boston’s weather is suitable for living: Some people enjoy the variety of seasons and find the weather pleasant, while others might prefer more consistent climates.

Here are some aspects to consider when evaluating if Boston’s weather is good for living:

  • Seasonal Variation
  • Summer
  • Winter
  • Climate Preferences
  • Outdoor Activities
  • Adaptability

If you enjoy all four distinct seasons, Boston’s weather may appeal to you. Summers in Boston can be hot and humid which is best for those who prefer outdoor activities. Winters are cold and snowy, making it the right destination for individuals who enjoy winter activities and holiday celebrations. If you prefer milder or more stable climes, Boston’s weather may not be perfect. Particularly, if you dislike extreme temperatures or large changes. Also

Boston weather is good for outdoor activities throughout the year. It is a prominent place because of hiking and bicycling in the summer. People can do skiing and ice skating in the winter. You can check Boston weather forecast and can get live updates of weather conditions.



A few of the many nicknames for New York include The Big Apple. It is renowned as The Capital of the World and The City That Never Sleeps. On the list of the Best Student Cities, it is in the twenty-first rank. Numerous things make New York City easily recognizable, including its renowned skyscrapers that reflect the city’s economic might, its cutting-edge fashion and music industries, the glitz and glam of Broadway, and its renowned delis and delectable street food. Of the top 800 hundred universities in the world, 10 universities are located in NEW YORK. apart from this, Columbia University and New York University are also located in NEW YORK. So, New York City is in the sixth position on the “university rankings” list of the Best Student Cities index, higher than Boston. New York City is by far the most attractive city to study in the United States.


San Francisco

San Francisco, another well-known American city, is ideally situated in Silicon Valley and the Bay Area, which is home to two of the most prestigious universities in the world: Stanford University, ranked third in the world, and the University of California, Berkeley, ranked 26th. The San Francisco Bay Area is one of the top ten financial centers in the country and is home to hundreds of creative businesses, particularly in the technology sector. San Francisco has achieved top rankings in the QS Best Student Cities index for “employer activity” due to the exceptional quality of its educational offerings and the high demand for its graduates. San Francisco has a higher tuition than New York while ranking 27th in the nation for cost of living.


To accommodate the enormous student population, the USA has several beautiful cities. The nation is endowed with outstanding infrastructure and is home to prestigious institutions of higher learning. Millions of students frequently visit these cities. There, you’ll have an exceptional learning experience.

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