How to Survive in Canada as an International Student?

How to survive in Canada as an international student

College campuses are an excellent location for learning from expert tutors. The majority of students seek a study visa in order to be admitted to the top universities or colleges. It is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to learn abroad. It is also a fantastic opportunity to learn and grow in fresh settings. As well as meeting folks from all over the world.

Furthermore, students have to face some challenges as well while living abroad. Such as homesickness, academic struggles, financial constraints, social and cultural differences, and language barriers. There are a few students who can easily adapt to such an environment while others feel lonely and helpless in such a situation. Therefore, you have to cope with all these difficulties you have to prepare your mind in advance if you want to enjoy your overseas journey instead of being burdensome.

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Here are a few tips for international students looking to find out how to survive in Canada:

Develop Your Language Skills

Language problems do not have to be a hindrance when migrating foreign country. Many Shorelight programs offer English-language training to help you improve your academic and public speaking skills. Moreover, online lessons, podcasts, TV episodes, and movies can help you enhance your English.

Here are some tips for students who want to learn the English language:

  • Read English newspapers and magazines
  • Listen to English podcasts and shows
  • Carry a dictionary with you
  • Watch English series and shows on TV
  • Read various novels and poetry books to grasp new vocab.

Make A Budget For Your Overseas Life

The cost of living may be considerable depending on where you study. Early planning can help you afford these expenditures; here are some budgeting ideas for college students studying abroad. Moreover, the cost of living varies greatly between countries. Living in densely populated urban areas is typically more expensive than living in less densely populated places with smaller suburbs and towns. The cost of living may differ depending on:

  • Housing on campus or apartments off campus
  • Grocery and shopping expenses
  • Travelling by public transport or your own convenience
  • Entertainment, extracurriculars, and other personal expenditures

The Numbeo website is a good option for learning about the cost of living abroad.

Immerse Yourself In The Culture

Most international students find it difficult to learn about and acclimate to a foreign culture. One of the most typical difficulties is dealing with culture shock, and you may miss home while adjusting to life abroad. This is quite normal. Culture shock affects many international students, and there are numerous strategies to prepare for your new cultural experiences.

Read the below tips to immerse yourself in the local culture of the country:

  • Have an open mindset to meet people of all walks
  • Visit restaurants and other local attractions— trying out new foods and visiting parks, make you more familiar with the country where you live and you may feel comfortable.
  • Familiarizing yourself with the social norms makes it easier for you to make new friends and overcome cultural misunderstandings.

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Build  a Strong Network for Support

The admissions office at your university can be a valuable source of assistance during your transfer from your home country to your university. Participating in orientation at the start of your program is an excellent way to become acquainted with life in another country while also making friends with other new students.

Other sources of assistance will include new friends, academic advisors, and counselors. Many schools have counselors and therapists who have been educated to work with children. They provide a talk about strategies to decrease stress, adjust to classroom culture, and other issues of coming to a new country.

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Wrapping Up

To sum up, the international student life comes with new adventures. There are some obstacles, on the other hand. To get rid of this situation all you need to do is adopt a positive attitude even in the worst situation. This is the only way to tackle hurdles and live peacefully.


Ques1 ) How long can a U.S. citizen stay in Canada?

Ans). Visitors can stay in Canada for 6 months. During entry in Canada border services officer can permit you to stay for less or more than 6 months. Also, the authorities will mention the date of leaving the country.

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