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Every word in the English language can often have more than one meaning, and one must use them appropriately to convey the right message. It is crucial for you to understand the significance of English vocab if you want to increase your language proficiency. A word used incorrectly might have a completely different meaning. As a result, if you want to become fluent in English, you must pay close attention to vocabulary. Well, English vocab is of the utmost importance for students as well.

You must have seen both national and international students lamenting their lack of vocabulary proficiency in English. Although they are proficient in English grammar, their lack of proficiency in English vocabulary problematizes their English proficiency. But do you know that if you study English vocabulary correctly, it can also help you with your grammar? Yes, that is accurate.

All English language learners must increase their vocabulary in order to communicate ideas clearly and accurately. They won’t be able to speak English fluently if they aren’t proficient in vocabulary. If you are struggling to increase your vocabulary in English, remember that there are several strategies that you can apply to solidify your English vocab.

International students are required to pay close attention to the English vocabulary. Because doing so will make it easier to communicate effectively with those who are fluent in English. Don’t make a mistake by overlooking the importance of English vocabulary. One can master the English language only if he is excellent in English vocab.

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About Collins English Dictionary

Collins English Dictionary is a comprehensive and authoritative English dictionary. The publisher of it is HarperCollins Publishers. English speakers worldwide use these dictionaries. It is the best and most accurate dictionary. The dictionary consists of numerous words and definitions. Therefore it is the best source of information for English vocabulary. It covers both British and American English. It provides explanations and examples for various words’ meanings and contexts. Collins English Dictionary is well-known for its current and comprehensive content. It provides new words and phrases that have entered in the English language. Technical terms, scientific vocabulary, slang, idioms, and regional variations are also covered. Collins English Dictionary is available online and on mobile. As a result, it is easily accessible to users. This is the best source to explore and enhance understanding of the English language.

How to Use It

Step 1. Visit the official website or the play store to use this. From the play store, you can directly install the application by just searching with the name “Collins English Dictionary”. If you will open the dictionary on the web then the following dashboard will appear.

Collins English Dictionary Online Web View
Collins English Dictionary Online Web View

The Mobile application in the play store appears as mentioned in the below picture.

Collins English Dictionary Mobile Application
Collins English Dictionary Mobile Application

Step 2. The word whose meaning is unclear to you can be searched through the search box. Below we have attached the photograph. Therefore it is quite easy to use this dictionary.

The significance of English vocabulary for international students:

Renowned Meaning Search in Collins English Dictionary
Renowned Meaning Search in Collins English Dictionary

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The following pointers will make you understand the significance of English vocabulary and the tips to enhance it. 

Exactness and Precision

Suppose you want to say that he often engraves the audience by delivering lectures on several topics. For this, you don’t need to use so many words to make your point. You can simply say that he has impressive oratory abilities. We, therefore, hope that you now understand how English vocabulary aids in communicating precise and exact messages.

Refer to a Dictionary

No matter where you live, in your country or abroad, a paper-based dictionary will offer significant benefits. Prefer the one with strong recognition such as the Oxford Dictionary because it contains illustrations for every meaning a word has. This dictionary is quite affordable in India, costing roughly 200 Rs.

15-20 minutes

In the evening, light some candles, make a cup of coffee, and get your dictionary out. Then, start learning new words from your dictionary, but first, make sure you are paying attention to every meaning that is listed after the word. Thus, learning three words per day for three months will help you get familiar with 300 words. This is a brilliant idea to find peace in a busy schedule in the most suitable way.

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Looking at the examples pertinent to the words will help you understand them all clearly. This will make it easier for you to comprehend the place of the word and the exact application of the word in various contexts. To fully comprehend the meaning of a word, make sure to practice making examples by yourself as well. The internet has millions of examples to help you understand the meaning of the word in various contexts. However, this will also create confusion but going ahead with the orthotics website will make it easy for you.

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Learning English vocabulary could be a memorable experience for a lifetime. For sure, this is going to give a lot of benefits to your professional life. Keep in mind that developing English vocabulary is a task of patience, but it will benefit you greatly in mastering English proficiency.

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