Top 10 Uses of Would

Use of would

The word “would” is used in various contexts in the English language. Would is the past form of will. In the below discussion, you will learn  10 uses of would.

Here is the list of the Top 10 uses of would :

  • Future in the Past
  • For Repeated Actions in the Past
  • Hypothetical Statements
  • Polite Requests or Offers
  • Choice or Preference
  • Conditional Sentences
  • Desire Sentences
  • Future Possibility
  • For Future
  • Use of Would that

Let’s dig into each use.

1. Future in the Past

“Would” can express actions that were planned or expected to happen in the past.

For example:

  • He said he would call me yesterday.
  • Rohan said he would buy a new mobile.
  • I told him that I would go USA.

2. For Repeated Actions in the Past

Mostly for habitual actions, we use “used to”. But to explain further sentences of certain habitual activities of the past we use would. Let’s consider a situation in which you are describing your childhood memory. So you will explain like I used to go to school. But to explain the further situation you can use would. For instance, I would play cricket. I would fight with my friends. I would beat them.I would enjoy with them. Have a look on the below examples to get a clear understanding.

    • When I was little, I would often go to my aunt’s house.
    • Two years ago I would study English 48 hours a day. But now I don’t.

3. Hypothetical Statements

Would is used to talk about hypothetical or imagined situations.

For example:

  • I wish I would be there.
  • I wish you would be with me.
  • I wish you would help him.
  • I wish you would come here.
  • I wish you would be there.

4. Polite Requests or Offers

The word “would” is used when making requests or offers in a polite manner.

For example:

  • Would you mind passing me the salt, please?
  • Would you pass the salt, please?
  • Would you mind opening the window?
  • Would you like tea or coffee?
  • Would you like to join us for dinner?
  • Would you please help me in this work?
  • Would you please sit there?
  • Would you please give me your pen?

5. Choice or Preference

  • I would rather die than beg.
  • I would rather have coffee than tea.

A similar sentence is also framed instead of “I would rather have coffee than tea”.The sentence will be ” I prefer coffee to tea”.Point to be noted that with “would rather” you have to use “than”  and with “prefer” you have to use “to”.Read the below example to get a clear idea.

  • I would rather buy a camera than a mobile.

6. Conditional Sentences

In conditional sentences, we use would.

  • If I won the competition, I would travel all around the world.
  • If I were you, I would make a lot of food.
  • I would go to her marriage if she invited me.
  • If I had listened to my mother, I wouldn’t be in distress.
  • If I were there, I  would help him.
  • If you were there, you would definitely help him.
  • If you were a doctor, you would treat people.
  • If you were a good teacher,I would teach students.

Certain conditional sentences  “would have” also used. If the sentence starts with had then you will use “would have “.And if the sentence starts with “were” then you will use would to explain conditional sentences. To illustrate see the examples:

  • If you had made notes, you would have passed the exam.
  • If you had helped him, he would have helped you today.

7. Desire Sentences

In these sentences “would like to” is used. When you want to describe your desire to do something then you will use “would like to” in your sentences.

  • I would like to learn English.
  • I would like to help him.
  • I would like to go there.
  • I would like to come here.

8. Future Possibility

The sentences in which we use “perhaps”, we will replace this “perhaps”  word with would. The use of would here show the possibility of happening certain things in future.

  • You would here.
  • You would learn English
  • I think you would meet him.
  • I think you would help him.

All these sentences represent the possibility of happening certain things in future so we can use would in these types of sentences.

9. For Future

In American English for future “would” is used. See the examples you will get a clear idea:

  • I would meet him.

Instead of using I shall meet him tomorrow or I will meet him tomorrow you can also use “would”.

  • I would be a doctor.
  • I would be a good engineer.

10. Use of Would that

Would that” is simply a synonym for “I wish that” or “I regret that.”

  1. Would that the sun would shine brightly on this gloomy day.
  2. Would that I had the power to heal all wounds and mend broken hearts.
  3. Would that love could conquer all conflicts and bring about lasting peace.
  4. Would that every child could have access to quality education and opportunities.
  5. Would that I could travel back in time and correct my past mistakes.

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