UPMC Shift Select : Solution To Manage Workforce Tasks Efficiently

Manage the Workforce 

It is very important to maintain a work-life balance. If it is hard for you to maintain proper work-life consistency, then you need a workforce management software platform. UPMC Shift Select is a web-based staffing and scheduling solution. It is remarkable software for workforce management. The University of Pittsburgh Medical Centre (UPMC) also uses UPMC Shift Select. Other healthcare organizations also prefer the use of UPMC Shift. This software can schedule and manage personnel shifts. Through this software, staff members can view and request shifts as per their choice and availability.

UPMC Shift Select incorporates numerous beneficial features, including the ability for employees to access their schedules and request time off. Also, employees can swap their shifts with other colleagues. This software has the capability to automate the scheduling process.

The software decides the automation process based on various aspects such as qualifications, seniority, and contractual requirements. The platform is pertinent for users because of its user-friendly interface. It makes employees’ navigation and interaction with the scheduling system effortless. This software helps in reducing administrative tasks and improves overall productivity. It simplifies the scheduling process.UPMC and other healthcare organizations can improve their workforce management. This software has become the prior choice of these organizations because it ensures appropriate staffing levels. Also, it increases employee satisfaction by giving them more scheduling control and flexibility.

Functioning of UPMC Shift Select

The main task of UPMC Shift Select software is to help UPMC employees regarding shift availability. With this software, employees can find the best shifts as per their compatibility of work. Therefore people can get splendid opportunities to find work. Let’s examine how UPMC shift select operates.


Scheduling Creation

Managers can make and update employee schedules using the system. Based on operational requirements, they can establish schedule templates, define shifts, and assign roles.

Employee Availability

The availability of each employee is entered, along with their preferred working hours, days off, and any limitations. This data enables the system to create schedules that as closely as possible correspond to employee preferences.

Shift Bidding and Requests

Employees can request specific shifts through UPMC Shift Select based on their qualifications and preferences or bid on open shifts. Through the platform, they can view the available shifts and submit their requests.

Shift Swapping

Employees who have similar qualifications and are eligible for the particular shift can start shift swaps with their coworkers. Managers are alerted, and the system keeps track of the status of swap requests, which streamlines the process.

Automated Scheduling

Using manager input, employee availability, and shift requests, UPMC Shift Select creates schedules automatically. The software takes into account a number of variables, including shift distribution fairness, contractual requirements, and employee qualifications.

Notifications and Reminders

Employees receive notifications and reminders from the platform about changes to their schedules, approved time off requests, upcoming shifts, and approved shift swap requests.

Reporting and Analytics

Managers can access insights and reports from UPMC Shift Select regarding scheduling, employee availability, and shift coverage. This aids in trend analysis, gap identification, and data-driven decision-making to increase scheduling effectiveness.

Mobile Access

Employees can access the software from their mobile devices to view their schedules, submit requests, and receive notifications via a dedicated mobile app.

Why Workforce Management Software Platform Needed?

There are multifarious benefits of using such workforce management software. Every organization wants high productivity and the scheduling of tasks efficiently. Such software can make it easy for an organization. Let’s discuss  the  reasons to choose such software :

Efficient Scheduling

Organizations can more effectively create and manage employee schedules with the aid of workforce management software. It automates the procedure, which reduces errors and saves time compared to manual scheduling techniques.

Optimal Staffing

These platforms help to guarantee the best staffing levels by taking into account things like employee availability, qualifications, and workload demands. Organizations can prevent understaffing or overstaffing situations by matching the appropriate workers with the appropriate shifts.

Compliance and Regulations

Software for managing the workforce aids businesses in adhering to labour laws and regulations. It can impose regulations on working hours, meal breaks, and rest periods, ensuring that schedules follow the law.

Employee Preferences and Flexibility

These platforms give workers more control over their schedules by allowing them to input their preferences and availability. This adaptability raises worker satisfaction, lowers absenteeism, and may promote a more favourable work-life balance.

Time and Attendance Tracking

Employee attendance, time worked, and absence tracking are frequently included in workforce management software. This information can be used to process payroll accurately, keep tabs on employee performance, and spot patterns or trends in attendance.

Streamlined Communication

These platforms offer a centralized location for managers and staff to communicate about schedules, shift changes, time-off requests, and other relevant topics. This lessens confusion and boosts the effectiveness of communication.

Data Analysis and Reporting

Workforce management software generates data and analytics about scheduling, worker productivity, labour costs, and other pertinent metrics. These data enable organizations to optimize workforce management strategies, identify areas for development, and make well-informed decisions.

Cost Savings

Workforce management software can assist organizations in reducing the costs associated with labour inefficiencies by optimizing staffing levels, cutting down on overtime, and minimizing scheduling errors.


Automating the scheduling process and choosing an appropriate shift is quite easy with UPMC Shift Select. All in all this software can boost the productivity and efficiency of employees. UPMC Shift Select integrates employee preferences, availability, and automated scheduling algorithms to optimize the scheduling process overall. By offering a simple and effective scheduling solution, it improves communication, lowers administrative burden, and increases employee satisfaction.

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